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1 a weapon that discharges a missile at high velocity (especially from a metal tube or barrel)
2 large but transportable armament [syn: artillery, heavy weapon, ordnance]
3 a person who shoots a gun (as regards their ability) [syn: gunman]
4 a professional killer who uses a gun [syn: gunman, gunslinger, hired gun, gun for hire, triggerman, hit man, hitman, torpedo, shooter]
5 a hand-operated pump that resembles a gun; forces grease into parts of a machine [syn: grease-gun]
6 a pedal that controls the throttle valve; "he stepped on the gas" [syn: accelerator, accelerator pedal, gas pedal, gas, throttle]
7 the discharge of a gun as signal or as a salute in military ceremonies; "a twenty gun salute" v : shoot with a gun [also: gunning, gunned]

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Lady Gunilda which was a huge crossbow that used powerful shot. It later became used for firearms like cannons and muskets. The woman’s name “Gundahild” , cognate to modern Scandinavian Gunhild, means “war" + "battle maid”.


  • , /ɡʌn/, /gVn/
  • Rhymes: -ʌn


  1. In the context of "Military": A cannon with relatively long barrel, operating with relatively low angle of fire, and having a high muzzle velocity. JP 1-02.
  2. In the context of "Military": A cannon with tube length 30 calibers or more. See also: howitzer; mortar. JP 1-02.
  3. A very portable, short weapon, for hand use; a bullet or projectile-firing weapon; a handgun.
  4. A less portable, long weapon; a bullet or projectile firing weapon; a rifle, either manual, automatic or semi-automatic, or a shotgun (or, historically, a musket or other firearm now obsolete).
    This is my rifle, this is my gun. One is for fighting, one is for fun. (U.S. military cadence, used to make recruits memorize that the only correct term for a soldier's firearm is 'rifle', not some 'gun'.)
  5. Any weapon that launches a projectile from a tube, even if it is not a firearm, e.g., potato gun, air-pressure pellet gun.
  6. Any device or tool that projects a payload in a superficially similar fashion to a firearm, e.g., nail gun, squirt gun, spray gun, grease gun.
  7. A device or tool shaped like a pistol and operated in similar fashion by pulling a trigger with the index finger, e.g., rivet gun, price gun, screw gun.
  8. In the context of "surfing": A long surfboard designed for surfing big waves (not the same as a longboard, a gun has a pointed nose and is generally a little narrower).
    2000: by the winter of 1962, the Brewer Surfboards Hawaii gun was the most in-demand big-wave equipment on the North Shore. — Drew Kampion at
  9. In the context of "colloquial|usually plural": biceps.
(military) A cannon with relatively long barrel, operating with relatively low angle of fire, and having a high muzzle velocity
(military) a cannon with tube length 30 calibers or more
a very portable, short weapon, for hand use
  • Breton: arm-tan , pistolenn
  • Dutch: vuurwapen, pistool
  • Finnish: pyssy
  • French: pistolet
  • Greek: πιστόλι
  • Hebrew:
  • Hungarian: pisztoly
  • Icelandic: byssa
  • Italian: fucile
  • Kurdish: ده‌مانچه‌
  • Polish: strzelba
  • Russian: пистолет
  • Sicilian: scupetta
  • Slovak: puška
  • Slovene: puška
  • Spanish: arma de fuego
  • Vietnamese: súng lục
a less portable, long weapon
  • Dutch: vuurwapen, geweer
  • French: fusil
  • Greek: τουφέκι
  • Hebrew:
  • Hungarian: puska
  • Icelandic: byssa
  • Russian: ружьё (ružjó)
  • Swahili: bunduki (nc 9/10)
  • Vietnamese: súng trường
a long surfboard designed for surfing big waves


  1. To shoot someone or something, usually with a firearm.
    He gunned down the hitmen.
    The CEO gunned down that idea before we could present it to the board.
  2. To speed something up.
    He gunned the engine up.
  3. To offer vigorous support to a person or cause.
    He’s gunning for you.


shoot someone or something
speed something up
offer vigorous support



  • /ɣʏn/


  1. First person present tense of gunnen; allowing or indulging something (pleasurable) to somebody; grant, indulge, not envy.



  1. army





Pinyin syllable

  1. A transliteration of any of a number of Chinese characters properly represented as having one of three tones, gūn, gǔn, or gùn.

Usage notes

English transcriptions of Chinese speech often fail to distinguish between the critical tonal differences employed in the Chinese language, using words such as this one without the appropriate indication of tone.

Scottish Gaelic


  1. that
    an t-amadan sin gun do thagh thu - That fool that you voted for
    am fear gum pòs aig an deireadh na mìosa - that man that will marry at the end of the month
    an taigh gu bheil aice - that house that she has


  1. without
    gun teagamh - without a doubt

Extensive Definition

A gun is any of several types of object that propels another object or projectile. The projectile is generally fired through a hollow tube known as the gun's barrel. The barrel's diameter, or caliber, determines the size of projectile used, which is usually designated in fractions of an inch or in millimeters. Differing from the musket, most modern guns are rifled, with a series of grooves spiraling along the barrel; exceptions include smoothbores on tanks, AFVs and some artillery.


The term "gun" is often used synonymously with "firearm," but this is common only for civilian usage. In military usage, the term "gun" refers to heavy and light artillery that fires projectiles at high velocity, such as naval guns (which are never referred to as cannons) or tank guns. By military terms, mortars and all hand-held firearms are excluded from the definition of guns. Two exceptions to this include: the shotgun, which is a smoothbore hand-held gun that fires a load of shot or a single projectile known as a slug, and the machine gun, which is a fully-automatic weapon mounted on a tripod or bipod and is almost always operated by a crew.
The word "gun" is also applied to some more or less vaguely gun-like or gun-shaped tools such as staple guns, nail guns, and glue guns.
In a gun-type fission weapon the "gun" is part of a nuclear weapon. The projectile is fissile material that is fired and captured inside the device. In the case of nuclear artillery, it should not be confused with the gun that fires the whole warhead. In a captive bolt gun the projectile is also caught within the mechanism. Such captive piston guns are often used to humanely stun farm animals for slaughter.
A gunner is a member of the team charged with the task of operating and firing a gun.

Types of guns

Guns for training and entertainment

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AA gun, Armstrong, BAR, BB gun, Benet-Mercie, Beretta, Big Bertha, Bren, Bren gun, Browning, Cain, Colt, Garand, Garand rifle, Garling, Gatling, Gatling gun, Hotchkiss, Krupp, Lancaster, Lee-Enfield, Lee-Metford, Lewis, Lewis gun, Long Tom, Luger, Mannlicher, Marlin, Martini-Henry, Mauser, Maxim, Minie, Mossberg, Nimrod, Oerlikon, Paixhans, Parrott, Remington, Savage, Smith and Wesson, Snider, Spandau, Springfield, Stevens, Thompson submachine gun, Vickers, Vickers-Maxim, Webley-Scott, Winchester, Y-gun, adventurer, air gun, antiaircraft gun, antitank gun, antitank rifle, apache, archer, arquebus, arrest, artillerist, artilleryman, assassin, assassinator, atom gun, atomic cannon, atomic gun, automatic, automatic pistol, barrel, bazooka, beat, bell, bloodletter, bloodshedder, blowgun, blowpipe, blunderbuss, bolt, bolt-action rifle, bomb thrower, bombard, bombardier, bomber, bowman, bowshot, bravo, breech, breechloader, brown Bess, bruiser, bulldog, bullet, burker, burp gun, butcher, butt, button man, caliver, cane gun, cannibal, cannon, cannoneer, carabineer, carbine, carronade, chamber, charge, chase, chassepot, check, checkmate, cock, condottiere, course, crack shot, culverin, cutoff, cutthroat, cylinder, dart gun, dead shot, dead stop, deadeye, deadlock, desperado, detonate, detonation, discharge, dog, drive, drop, eject, ejection, end, endgame, ending, eradicator, escopeta, executioner, exterminator, falcon, falconet, fell, field gun, fieldpiece, final whistle, fire, fire off, firearm, firelock, flamethrower, flintlock, flush, follow the hounds, forty-five, forty-four, fowl, fowling piece, free lance, full stop, fusil, fusillade, garroter, gat, go hunting, good shot, goon, gorilla, grinding halt, gun carriage, gun for, gunfire, gunman, gunner, gunsel, gunshot, gunslinger, hackbut, halt, hammer, handgun, harpoon gun, harquebus, hatchet man, hawk, head-hunter, heater, hedgehog, hellion, hired gun, hired killer, hireling, hit, hit man, holy terror, homicidal maniac, homicide, hood, hoodlum, hooligan, horse pistol, hound, howitzer, hunt, hunt down, hunter, jack, jacklight, killer, let fly, let off, load, lock, lockout, machine gun, machine gunner, machine pistol, magazine, man-eater, man-killer, manslayer, marksman, markswoman, massacrer, matador, matchlock, mercenary, mortar, mountain gun, mug, mugger, murderer, muscle man, musket, musketeer, musketoon, muzzle, muzzle-loader, needle gun, peashooter, pedrero, pelt, pepper, pesticide, petronel, pick off, piece, pistol, plug, plug-ugly, poison, poisoner, pom-pom, popgun, pot, potshoot, potshot, prime, professional killer, prowl after, receiver, repeater, revolver, riddle, ride to hounds, rifle, rifleman, rod, rodman, roughneck, run, salvo, sawed-off shotgun, sear, semiautomatic, sharpshooter, shikar, shoot, shoot at, shoot down, shooter, shooting iron, shot, shotgun, sight, sit-down strike, six-gun, six-shooter, skysweeper, slaughterer, slayer, snipe, sniper, soldier of fortune, sport, spray, stalemate, stalk, stand, standoff, standstill, start, stay, still-hunt, stock, stoneshot, stop, stoppage, strangler, strike, strong-arm man, submachine gun, swivel, take a potshot, targetshooter, tattoo, terror, thirty-thirty, thirty-two, thug, torpedo, tough, toxophilite, track, trail, trapshooter, trigger, trigger man, ugly customer, volley, walkout, wind-gun, work stoppage, zip gun
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